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People say.


Henrietta Wingate-Martin

Product Owner

I joined Andy's team two months ago, and I found Andy be one of the most welcoming and approachable members of the team. His contibution to onboarding me into the team was significant in helping me to understand not just how the team works, but also aid my understanding of the product. Andy is brilliantly driven and has a fantastic team morale.

AND Digital

Eileen Valera

Tech Lead

Andy is very proactive, professional and focused in his work. Despite the difficulties we faced with the client's old tech stack and commutes he maintained a positive attitude. He is capable of getting people to work together and communicate which helps in managing stakeholders effectively.


Eduardo M Sanchez Delgado

Senior Software Engineer

He is always happy to help, and that help is always important and meaningful. He always looks for other's opinions gathering a wide range of options and of course deciding what is best afterwards. He is always open and flexible to suggestions, proactive and very friendly and polite even in the worst circumstances.


Keiron Boyce

Senior Delivery Manager

Andy has show nothing but an exemplary attitude since he joined the team. He has come into a volatile team, working on an important legacy project for us, and made a big difference almost immediately.


Dayne Thomas

Digital Project Manager

Andy is our Senior developer on our web team and has quite rightfully shown why he deserves that title. He is the clear subject matter expect in his field, not only do other developers lean on him for advice in his technical ability, he has a great understanding on the commercial impact of what he develops.

AND Digital

Sam Hopkins

Senior Frontend Engineer

Andy has taken over all of the release processes and managing the AEM Configuration. This is a very complicated process that he had not had experience with before. Andy has managed all the headaches and shielding the team from having to deal with any of it. For me an example of great leadership and self-sacrifice.