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  • Premier Inn (Contract)

    Tech Team Lead and Senior Front-End Engineer

    Technical team lead and Senior Front-end Engineer of Premier Inn's Business Booker tool. This has been a technology refresh as well as delivering new features to millions of business users per month.

    Led the challenging development to migrate functionality away from the legacy system. Key team member in major releases of new client features and experiences.

    Contributed to the design and implementation of features across 10+ codebases.

    Influenced the development and ways of working by demonstrating new tools and their capabilities.

  • Konsentus (Contract)

    Senior Product Developer

    Developed a scalable API to deliver Open Banking services.

    Delivered highly tested and quality code using a test-driven approach and pair programming.

    Adapted to team needs, able to contribute to many areas such as infrastructure and back-end.

    Key client contact regarding new customer on-boarding onto the system.

  • IAG Cargo (Contract)

    Product Developer and Team Lead

    Leading a team to developing new features as well as enhancing existing features in the world-servicing customer-facing website.

    Managed daily stakeholder interactions, led sprint reviews and client demos.

    Productive in a challenging and complex platform with old and limiting technologies.

  • eShopWorld (Contract)

    Product Developer and Team Lead

    Led the time-sensitive and technically challenging redevelopment of one of the worlds leading eCommerce platforms' API.

    Managed daily stakeholder interactions, led sprint reviews and client demos.

  • CGI

    Software Developer

    Core developer working on ingesting data from various sources into a scalable and reliable datastore.

    Built and maintained a Cloudera cluster and tested data using custom integration tests.

    Converted client software from using an always consistent database to eventually consistent.

    Ran product demonstration sessions for clients and gathered feedback at important milestones.

  • CGI

    UI Lead

    Lead the front-end development (client-side and server-side), working with geospatial streams. Responsible for the development, quality control, and component design.

    Delegated tasks and reported progress to the project manager during a weekly meeting.

    Evaluated open-source technologies considering security restrictions and environmental limitations.

    Contributed to important noSQL database designs to fit a complex data model. Designed, developed, and integrated backend microservices and test harnesses.

  • CGI

    Full-Stack Developer

    Full-Stack Engineer working on a document management system for the Justice sector.

    Engaged with clients during project gate reviews and delivered training to end users.

    Involved with the estimates, design, and implementation of several major features.

    Achievements include reducing worst-case down from 2 hours down to 1 minute 25 seconds.