Documentation on myself! A sort of personal README page. Here you can find out what to expect if you meet me including my skills, values, and how I work best

Hi, I’m Andy!
Born in Newcastle
Computer Science
Senior Product Developer at AND Digital
Technology, mechanical keyboards, podcasts, travelling, outdoor activities, lifting heavy things, Icelandic music, world food, TV & film
Alt Career?
80’s keytar rockstar
Smithy, Smiffy, Drew, Pands, Pandy. My grandad calls me Felix

... I Value

Transparency. Be clear and open with everything you do! If it involves the team then there's no need to hide.

Teamwork. The ability to work together and collaborate on ideas and solutions is vital.

Accountability. I enjoy and encourage a high degree of automony in teams as it helps with growth and productivity. However, being honest and accountable is a must.

Respect and value. It's important to respect and value yourself as well as others. Teams are often very culturally and professionally diverse and it's important to take other views into consideration.

... I'm good at
The Tech:
Java & Object-oriented programming, big data
Javascript, html, css
Jenkins, docker
Architecture, software design

The Professional:
Client engagement, relationship building, conflict resolution, written and verbal communication
Team leading, mentoring
Friendly and approachable, helpful

... I work best

Under pressure!

But I’ll admit it - I’m not a morning person and productivity kicks up a notch after late morning. Getting meetings out of the way early in the morning is the best for me so I can knuckle down to work and focus in the afternoon.

I don't need to work in a quiet environment and often background noise encourages me to be more productive. I do require a bit of natural light though 🌱

... I love

My keyboard.

Getting stuck into projects. I need to know how everything works!

Improving project process, and codebases through more tests, tighter CI/CD, and better reviews.

Adding to my skills tool belt through practical work, reading blogs, and learning from my team.

Mentoring juniors and sharing my knowledge and experience. I sometimes write blog posts to do this but I also love 1:1 sessions with others.

Data visualisation.

... I hate

Bad coffee. I'm not a coffee snob, but fresh beans and my aeropress keep me happy.

Un-tested code. Production code without tests makes me very nervous...

A low bus-factor - share that knowledge! Document everything!

Requirements that aren’t well defined. Under pressure I unfortunately lack imagination.

Want to let me know how I’m doing?

I love to get feedback on how I’m doing - good or bad, and I'm constantly trying to improve how I work, communicate, lead, and more.

If you have any comments/feedback for me, I prefer them in written form either on Slack or through the appropriate work feedback forms. This is so that I can refer back to it in the event of my memory being hazy or selective, but I can accomodate if you prefer to tell me in person.

... My Aspirations

2 years: Tech Lead and better at DevOps and front-end frameworks.

5 years: A better Tech Lead.

5 - 10 years: Head of technology.